The Documentation Centre

 The Documentation Centre of the Italian Geological Society was established by the directors board of the Italian Geological Society and it is situated at the Centre of GeoTechnology, University of Siena in San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo). The Centre of GeoTechnology offers available structures and a staff to ensure senza the management and operations.
The Library of the Company is in the Documentation Centre where, in addition to all the publications and maps published by the Company, it is possible to find periodical journals, volumes and geological maps, received from exchanges with associations and corresponding scientific societies.

The Documentation Centre is responsible for:

  • the reorganization and conservation of bibliographic heritage of the Italian Geological Society;
  •  the management of the Library of the Company;
  •  the consultation and on-line distribution of Library material;
  •  the enrichment of the heritage of the Company through the exchange of magazines with corresponding scientific societies and associations, or through the acquisition of library materials and databases from other agencies or privates.


The Documentation Centre of the Italian Geological Society
c/o Centre of GeoTechnology – University of Siena
Via Vetri Vecchi, 34
52027 - San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo)
Phone. 055-9119443
Fax 055-9119439

Take note!! The Documentation Centre DOESN’T manage other institutional activities of the Italian Geological Society. For further information about subscriptions in order to membership, dues payment, sending journals and printing articles of the journals of the Company, please contact the Secretary Office of the Company at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Rome “ La Sapienza” (click here).